Learn how to use LactaMedia:

Access LactaMedia photos and videos in 4 easy steps

Working with images of vulnerable populations requires extreme care and sensitivity – this process helps LactaHub ensure LactaMedia images are used appropriately:

  1. Browse watermarked photos and videos in our published galleries to select images (List of available images on LactaMedia). WARNING: Content is graphic and potentially disturbing.
  2. Fill out and send us a request form.
  3. Receive a personal link via email by us inviting you to download your selected image(s) without watermarks (within 3 business days).
  4. Click on your personal link to download your images. Your link will expire 7 days after it is sent, and it shall not be shared.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well.

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Today, LactaMedia contains over 100 images of lactating women, in some cases with their breastfeeding infants. Each image is dedicated to a specific topic – for instance, breastfeeding positions and challenges, breast variations, stages of breastmilk or anatomical challenges of mother or baby.

LactaMedia is an emerging collection. Our goal is to curate a robust resource, rich with contributions that reflect communities around the globe. If you have not found the image you are looking for, please write us at media@lactahub.org.

Your feedback is important to further develop LactaMedia. Your contributions are too. If you work with lactating women and their breastfeeding infants and want to help populate LactaMedia, we would love to hear from you at media@lactahub.org.

Wondering about the reaction you might receive from mothers? The LactaHub team has been amazed at the positive response from women who want to share their lactation and breastfeeding experiences. We believe that together, we can channel this spirit of support into a uniquely educational resource.